domingo, 27 de septiembre de 2009


Blow wind blow where-ever you may go
Put on your overcoat
Take me into the night, take me into the night
Blow me away
I ride upon a field mouse
I was dancin' in the slaughterhouse
And if you swing along the beltway you skid along there all day
’Cause I went a little crazy
And I sat upon a high chair
And I'm smokin’ like a diesel way out here
And if you blow wind blow where-ever you may go

Tom Waits

4 comentarios:

  1. very underground, naugthy and sexy... liked it

    lady with gun

  2. as usual fascinating pictures!!! rly like the building, the stairs, the chandelier... wow!!! the lights are cool. moving at the speed of light!!! keep taking pictures jejeje :)

  3. virgen electrica!!! excelente picture... y como dice el filosofo del baño: live free or die!

  4. me encanta, me fascina. La espiral logarítmica, las luces flourescentes e incandescentes, el graffiti, los tags...todo es muy industrial, muy urbano, una 'polis' del siglo XXI.